WPWidgetLibrary presentation at CodeCamp 11(MkNET User Group)

This year too, MkNET UG (Macedonian User group) is organizing CodeCamp 11. This is one of the most popular UG event on Blakan. Very huge number of attendees and speakers. The CodeCamp is organizing in to 5 tracks: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Student tracks.

This year I got the invitiation from the  INETA and MkNET to speak at CodeCamp 11.

WPWidgetLibrary – HTML5 Widgets for WP7 Mango will be presentation which I am goint to present at Yellow track. I can say I am very exciting about this event.

As I have written the WPWidgetLibrary is announced at MobilityDay, and published at codeplex month before. We got very positive feedback from the dev community and the Mk Code Camp will also be a chanse to present our open source solution to the Macedonian .NET community.

More information about Code Camp 11 can be found at http://www.codecamp.mkdot.net, and my speach will be at Yellow track from 11:00 to 12:00.

The more information about sessions and agenda can be found here.

Meet you there!


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