How to Install Windows 10 on Microsoft Azure


It is great time Windows 10 is released and there are huge amount of hype everywhere on the internet. I am using Windows 10 from the beginning through the Insider program, and all I can say the Windows 10 is the greatest and the best OS ever made.
There are plenty of blog posts and articles about the Windows 10, and everybody who is using previous version of the Windows OS should upgrade to Windows 10. As soon as you upgrade you will see the difference and better experience in all aspects.
For this blog post I would show you how to install Windows 10 on Azure, and how to enable some of the great feature. So lets start.

1. First of all go to your Microsoft Azure Subscription Portal.


2. Create New Azure Virtual Machine


3. Start defining Virtual Machine Parameters  by defining OS version. Select Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)


4. Define Virtual Machine Name, username, and password.

Note: This User name should not be developer username, because you have some restriction for Administrator when developing Windows Application. For this reason I have defined bhrnjica_admin user name. My developer username will be bhrnjica, which will be defined later.


5. Define Cloud service name, DNS Name and Region. In this step it is also neccessery to open all port you will need. In my case I have opened the following port:

  • Remote Desktop – this is default without this port you are not able to connect to this machine.
  • PowerShell in case you are working on PowerShell.
  • MSSQL port if you are planning to install Microsoft SQL Server on this machine.
  • MySQL is you are planning to install MySQL server.


6. The last step is to enable some components to be installed on the virtual machine. You have option to include some Antimalware software as well as some Virtual Machine Agent.


7. After you click on the last OK button, wait some time (few minutes) and you should see the following status on you Microsoft Azure Portal.


8. To connect to your created Windows 10 machine, click Connect button to download RDP connection (See picture above). Double click to downloaded RDP file, enter your credentials.


9. Then you have your Windows 10 Azure Machine.



10. Enjoy on your Windows 10 Azure Machine


How to Setup Counter Strike Dedicated Server on Windows Azure Virtual Machine

To setup Counter Strike Dedicated Server on Virtual Machine running on Windows Azure you have to perform 10 steps. This blog post is going to explain all them in detail.

1. First thing you should grab is Windows Azure Account. If you dont have one, you can create trial. More information about creating Windows Azure Account you can find on Windows Azure Portal.


2. Create Virtual Machine on Windows Azure. Choose New From Bottom Bar and Choose: Compute->Virtual Machine-From Gallery (see pic below).


3. From List of Virtual Machine Select Windows Server 2012.


4. Setup Name of VM, default username and password, and follow instructions. After you finish with VM, by clicking Finish button, Windows Azure will create your VM in few minutes. If you need more information how to setup VM on Windows AZure please follow instruction on this link.

5. Download RDP Connection from Windows Azure Portal and connect to you Machine (See picture below).


6. Open your Windows Server VM and Install Counter Strike. After installation go to Counter Strike Folder and Run hlds.exe to cretae Dedicated Server.  Fill the fields with the required information and choose Start Server.


Now your dedicated server is running but no one can access it yet. We need to open default UDP port 27015 on Windows Firewall, as well as create endpoint on Windows Azure Portal.

7. Open Windows Firewall and Create Incoming and Outcoming Rule for UDP Port= 27015.


8. Go to Windows Azure Portal and create Endpoint for this UDP Port.


9. This is all you need to create. Go to Client PC choose Add Server and put public IP adress:27015  of you Windows Azure Machine or

10. Invite your friends to play the Game by providing them with the  IP and the UDP Port.