TechDay 2014: Azure Workshop – Demos and Slide Decks

After Microsoft TechDay finished yesterday I got several emails and questions about my demos and slides from the Azure Workshop.

So here is a link from which you can download all slides and demos you saw yesterday on my Workshop:

Slides about Microsoft Azure Training are general available at Git site:

Once more thank you all for attending the workshop and see you next time. I am very glad I can see lot of people interested in Microsoft Azure and other cool technologies from Microsoft.


TechDay 2013 Demos and Slides

I am proud I was speaker at TechDay. It was very great event despite of time when all conferences finished almost months ago. The event was fully booked with attendees, as well as location of the School of Science and Technology at Sarajevo was great place.

With this blog post I want to say thanks to all attendees especially of those which attended my session. Demos and slide you can find on the links below.