Announcing GPdotNET v3.0 Beta 2


During summer I found few bugs in GPdotNET, as well as made improvements of existing features.

Before final release of GPdotNET which will be at the end of the year, I have decided to make public release in form of Beta 2 version. This is second pre-release version of GPdotNET v3, which brings a set of new modules and solvers in Linear programming field like, assignment and transportation problems.

In this version you can find some improvements and bug fixes:

1. Implemented improvements IN TFS, Asigment and Transportation problems solver,

2. Improvement in drawing S-Expression in GP model,

3. Bug fix when user defined more that 10 random constants,

4. Bug in background when saving S-expression as png file.

5. Tested compatibility with Visual Studio 2013.


The beta 2 version will be available for download today at . For those who have click one installation of the beta 1 version, they will be get update automatically from codeplex site.


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