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Recently I wrote blog post  about implementation of TSP problem in GPdotNET. I got positive feedback about implementation, but there were people saying if can I implement more problems based on linear programming and optimization. So I have decided to implement Assignment and Transportation problems in GPdotNET. With existing 4,  the next version of GPdotNET 2.5 will contains in total the following problem domains:

1. Modelling discrete data set with GP,

2. Modelling and optimization discrete data set with combination of GP and GA,

3. Modelling Time series data set with GP,

4. Optimization of Analytic function with GA,

5. Traveling Salesman Problem with GA,

6. Assignment Problem with GA,

7. Transportation problem with GA.

In order to implement those problems it has to be implemented two new chromosome types:

1. Vector based GA chromosome for solving TSP and Assigment problem

2. Matrix based GA chromosome for solving Transport problem.


The first one (vector based chromosome type) is already implemented and needs to be modified for accepting different format data, in order to fully support TSP and Assignment problems at the same time. For second type there are several solutions for implementation for Matrix based chromosome, one of my favorite is published in the book “Genetic Algorithms + Data Structures = Evolution Programs”.

I can say this would be an exciting summer. :)


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