Matrakci Calculator for Android

Matrakci Calculator on  Googel Play.

After Windows Phone version of Matrakci Calculator, I wanted to make Andorid version too but I dont know much about Java and Eclipse. So I decided to implement JQueryMobile application, which sombody needs to merge in to Eclipse.

After some time the result of work can be seen on picture below. I have used canvas for lattice drawing  and  used different fill colors to differentiate which numbers needs to be summed. I liked this version, because I have learned more about HTML5 and JavaScript programming as well. So my future application will be in HTML5 as well.

You can download Matrakci Calcualtor from this link at Google Play.

I want to thank my fried Nezir Zahirovic which he helped me in implementation of this app.

If you want to play online this calculator right now, check this link. It is described all you want to know about Matrakci and Lattice multiplication as well.




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