GPdotNET v2 release date is Nov, 04. 2012.

GPdotNET Logo

GPdotNET Logo

I am very happy to announce that GPdotNET v2 will be released at November 4th this year. All planned tests are performed, and it is only left some minor corrections and review of User Manual. When GPdotNET v2 would be released it will be available with ClickOnce instalation, so you can stay up do date with further updates at the same time when it would be released.

The click once instalation will be placed on CodePlex site too, and can be downloaded from Downloads  section of the project site.

There were also some improvement from the last Beta 3 version:

–  Thread creation form background processing was replaced with Task class

– Logo Icon is added to execute file.

– Some minor bugs found while testing  on Fedora 17 and MonoDevelop. I hope GPdotNET will run with no bugs on Fedora 17 too.

– GPdotNET page on my blog is also updated with more informations:


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