Optimization a new feature in GPdotNET vNext

After announcing the new version of GPdotNET v2.0 in February of this year, today the post will announce optimization tool as a new part of the GPdotNET. When you make model there is often need to optimize it in order to get the specific input parameters for maximize or minimize output value. This is the case in most engineering process. For example if you model some process on CNC machine and you need to find which parameters of the process produces the best result.
So every model calculated by the GPdotNET will be able to be optimized by optimization tool ff the GPdotNET v2.0.
In addition with GPdotNET it will be possible to find global maximum or minimum of the function defined in analytic term as well. The picture below shows analytic tool definition. You can also see a brand new GUI for the GPdotNET v2.0.

Optimization tool in GPdotNET

Optimization tool in GPdotNET

Working with  Analytic function definition tool

How to add function

Within GroupBox you can see several buttons and combobox for selection basic math function. For example if you select SIN function from the combo box and click on Add function button, in the central window two rectangles will appear  similar like this . The picture represents sin function with one argument. O argument means that it is not defined yet, and you will not go further until you specified the name of the argument, or define a another function in chain. The tool automatically knows how many arguments need every defined function in GPdotNET.

If you select + or * function you will get three node, one with function name and two for arguments. Sililar like this picture: .

Defining function arguments

Every function must define its argument in order to works correctly. Letter small o in the second rectangle means that the argument of function sin is not defined yet. To define argument select node with left mouse click, enter the name of the argument, and click on Add Param button. Whole process is depicted on picture below.

Adding function argument

Adding function argument

Deleting the nodes in function

With Delete button you can delete nodes. In fact you can delete only leaf node. If you have bunch of nodes, and want to delete node in the middle, you need to delete all leaf node below it, in order to delete it. So select the leaf node with mouse and click on Delete node button.

After you finish the function definition, you must be sure that you defined all function nodes correctly with proper number of argument, otherwise GPdotNET will analise it and cannot pass further until you correct the function argument issue.

Until next feature of GPdotNET vNext!


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