MSNetwork 2 and session about Future of Windows Desktop Apps

My second session was very well visited, so I can only say thank you people for attending. During presentation, there were huge number of questions regarding new Windows 8 OS. People are interesting in upcomming Windows OS and also how will impact on development of desktop applications.

From this link you can download my presentation slides.

Thanks Microsoft for great organisation on MSNetwork 2, thank you all for attending.

See you next year on MSNetwork 3


MSNetwork 2: Demos and Presentation Slides

Thanks for attending the presentation we did our best to make presentation interesting and helpful. This blog post is dedicated for presenting the source code for demo samples and presentation slide decks. So here is a demo samples. Demos are developed in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 11 :)

Demos can be downloaded here.

The presentation slides can be download here.

Speaking about WPWidgetLibrary, HTML5, Windows Phone 7 and WIndows 8

I will be speaking on the Croatian Microsoft conference so called WinDays.

My session will be at 25. April starting at 9:30 on Dvorana 8.

Title: Developing HML5 Mobile apps on WP7 by using WPWidgetLibrary

More about presentation can be found here.

Beside Windows Phone 7 it will also be presented how to develop the same application on Windows 8 and Metro Style app. More information about WPWIdgetLibrary can be found on one of my previous posts on this blog.