Speaking about The future of Windows 8 desktop application

After unforgettable week in Redmond on MVP Summit 2012, it is time to announce some of my speaking activity. The first conference for this year will be MSNetwork 2 domestic Microsoft conference, which I will be speaking on two sessions. The first session will be Development with ASP.NET Web API and MVC 4.0, together with Damir Dobric , and the second session will be The Future of Windows Desktop Application.

The first session will talk about a new Microsoft project Asp.NET Web API, firstly announced as WCF Web API, which I blog posted already. The reason for changing the name of the API is in short because  WCF is far more than HTTP Web API, so Microsoft team has decided to change the name and include the library in to ASP.NET as a part of the MVC 4.0 beta.

On that way the ASP.NET Web API is finally included in to .NET Framework and ready to use in production when the .NET 4.5 would be released.Damir has also posted several blogs about ASP.NET API so if you want more info about, you can find there. This session brings a lof of demos and samples how to use Web API with routing,using HTML methods GET, POST PUT, standard and custom formatters as well as validators and custom errors. If you are Web developer, or just want to see how to build modern web application with MVC 4.0 and .NET 4.5 come to our session which will start after launch at 14:30 at 4. 4. 2012.

The Future of Windows Desktop application brings a lot of news about Windows 8 Metro style application, like compatible by design, Windows Store and Certification. Windows 8 brings the new future for desktop application and new way of using, developing and promoting desktop applications. Windows 8 also brings a new platform for desktop application, it is Tablet. So when you develop Windows application you can count on different devices like PC or Tablet, and far more different resolution. This is only scratch of the session about new future of the Windows desktop application and technique for development.

We can say the new future is born for Windows Desktop application. The session starts after launch at 14:30 at 5. 4. 2012.

More info about MS Network you can find here.

So much said about introductio of my two sessions on the Network 2 in Mostar. See you there.


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