GPdotNET v2.0 announcement

GPdotNET tree based genetic programming tool


After one year of silence in development of the GPdotNET, I may say this year will definitely be in focus of my GPdotNET project. At end of the 2011 year I started to develop on next version and I can say it will be very interesting.
– First of all the core library will be complete reformatted and implemented in order to get some improvements and better architecture, which will help to apply various specific engineering problems like optimization, and other specific problems.
– GPdotNET will be ported to MONO and Linux OS, and GPdotNET will become a multiplatform project(WIndows and Linux).
– It will be implemented more customization in odred to easly develop extensions for GPdotNET,e.g. Extended Fitness function, Terminal Set etc.
– The next version will use memory pooling for better performance in creating and reusing memory.
That is only some of the early announced features, and first beta release I hope to release in summer of this year.

So stay tuned


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