GPdotNET with new chart control

Blog post about new upcoming features of GPdotNET has posted here, but there is more. By releasing the new version of Visual Studio 2010 as well as the new windows forms chart control, I decided to replace existing ZedChart with one in the Visual Studio 2010. I wrote about the chart control in this post, and you can see how new chart control can be bind to database. In GPdotNET chart control is the main components for algorithm simulation, and you can see different usage of the control.  The picture below show chart control in action:

The first chart on the picture presents fitness simulation by simulating the best fitness as well as average fitness in the population. Another chart (below first one) is simulation of  training data (experimental data) and currently the best found GP model. GPdotNET simulation is very data intensive so it is necessary to have a chart control which is very fast and stable, like one in VS 2010.


8 thoughts on “GPdotNET with new chart control

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